Artist Statement: In chantal + chelsea: objet, seemingly insignificant objects are amplified both physically and thematically to monumental proportions. At first glance the large-scale photographs appear to capture life size scenes, however upon closer examination one finds a playful reality of hand-made miniature objects that define our lives as artists.  

We meticulously craft objects from our lives in miniature and then photograph them. The intensive process of recreating the objects, forces us to grapple with their significance and our self-definition.

We evaluate the cyclical struggles that plague our lives as artists. The insecurities from lack of value in our community, little pay, rejections, writing artist statements, filing taxes, not enough work, and so much work there is no time for art making, are all realities that we have to live with every day.  In shooting the objects in an isolated setting, out of context from a specific time and space, the photographs take on a universal resonance, reflecting moments of clarity and the ongoing struggle to balance success, sacrifice, life and art.


Puppets, miniature worlds, and cameras.

History: Our collaboration began in June of 2010, the moment we became separated by the Atlantic Ocean. It was a transitional time for both of us,  and life presented big changes. Such a chaotic time may not always be the best way to start a new project, but for us the fear that our friendship wouldn't last the test of distance jolted us into creative mode.  We were vulnerable, and that’s what made our work speak. We created the c mini’s, miniature puppets of ourselves. Which led to staging and photographing the c mini’s weekly for two years, as a, (in hindsight) outrageous way of keeping in touch. These communications were made public via blogminic, where the c mini’s grew a life of their own, gaining an audience who watched and cared about their stories unfolding. They were and still are alive in the eyes of their viewers. But behind the scenes, this collaboration got us through personally challenging times. After two years our collaboration fizzled, we no longer had the need to create this work. After a five year hiatus, we were drawn back together to create art that dives deep into the personal challenges we continuously face.